July 16, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, we have put this together to send my knowledge and opinions out to our readers about horsemanship and to find other ways to get to the mind of the horse.  From now on I would like to have you, the bloggers, to ask questions, make comments or give opinions on questions or circumstances that come up in the future.

Please ask questions and tell more people about this blog so we can all learn and find another way of getting to the horse’s mind by using our own.

I believe in a good foundation on the ground before getting on the horses back.  A horse needs to trust you on the ground and have a basic understanding what is expected of him before you get on his back.  To start, take a look at the Ground Work page.  It contains the four basic positions that I use to help get trust to be a friend, and to later become a companion.